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Who am I?

Hey, I'm Coding Master! I'm a self-taught web programmer/designer and use the latest technologies to make the best site for you. I first started coding in 2014 on a site named Scratch. I created games, and learnt more about how coding works, while using a drag and drop system. In 2017, I started web development. I'm still learning lots and getting to a (almost) professional level. I have taken courses and I am always improving my code and design.


What I can do for you

Web Design & Develpoment

I use the latest technologies to make designs and websites that stand out. Whether it's a website to showcase your talents, or to get your business on the map, I've got you covered design and development wise.

Graphic Design

I use the high-end programs Affinity Designer and Figma to design logos and mockups. I have lots of experience in this area to make the best design for you.





Affinity Designer


What I've done

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Do you want to get in touch with a question or query? Or do you want me to make your next website? Either way, I can't wait to receive your message!